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Block - A, Flat - 4D
Kolkata - 700006, West Bengal, India
(Beside : Bangiya Sahitya Parishad)
Phone: 09330942814 / 09831725464
E-mail: kolkatatrekkersyouth@gmail.com

Adventure Sports


1987 Chandipur (Odisha)
Digha (West Bengal)
100 Km. Ashim Kumar Ghosh Chowdhury (Leader), Debjit Gain,
Ratan Kumar Chakraborty, Subhash
Chandra Nandy & Robindra Nath Chowdhury.
1988 Chandipur (Odisha)
Puri (Odisha)
90 Km. Subhas Chandra Nandy (Leader ),
Shib Chakraborty, Manas Kr. Chakraborty,
Biswadeb Pramanick & Bijoy Kr. Srivastava.
1990 Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh)
Puri (Odisha)
125 Km. Subhas Chandra Nandy (Leader),
Shib Chakraborty, Deb Prasad Ghosh (Sr.),
Kesh Ranjan Dutta & Robindra Nath Chowdhury.
2008 Arial Bay-Smith Island (Andaman)
Karmatang-Rangat & Port Blair
(Andaman & Nicobar Island)
300 Km. Monaj Kr. Roy (Leader), Santi Sekhar Bose,
Samiran Chakraborti, Deb Prasad Ghosh (Sr.) &
Ashim Kr. Ghosh Chowdhury,
2009 Andaman (2nd Part) 100 km. Samiran Chakrabarti (Leader),
Ashim Kumar Ghosh Chowdhury &
Manoj Kumar Roy.
2009 Gangasagar-Talsari
62.5 km. Biswajit Paul (Leader),
Achintya Kumar Mondal,
Rathin Basu,
Mahesh Lepcha,
Ramprosad Debnath(Guest Member) &
Biswanath Dutta(Guest Member).
2010 Chadipur to Talsari-Digha
Odisha & West Bengal
60 km. Achintya Kumar Mondal (Leader),
Rathin Basu,
Biswajit Pal,
Abhishek Syanal,
Jyostna Mondal &
Banhideepta Mondal (Guest Member).
2013 Konarak to Paradip
90 km. Achintya Kumar Mondal (Leader),
Mahesh Lepcha,
Ratan Das &
Pradip Ghosh.
2016 Baruva (A.P.)-Kapaskuddi-Murkundi
72 km. Indranil Kumar(Leader),
Deba Prosad Ghosh,
Tanay Sankar Mukherjee,
Asish Haldar & Saikat Das
2018 Gopalpur-Rushikullya-Nulia Naogano-Pudampetta-Udaygiri-Rajhansa-Harochandi Mandi-Puri 130 km. Pradip Kr Paul (Leader),
Ratan Das & Achintya Mondal


We have every reason to be proud of our cycling record. Cycle Corporation of India sponsored our cycle expedition from Gomukh (3892 m) to Ganga Sagar. The members were Sri Biswajit Bose and Sri Biswendu Ghoshal. On route they promote social issues. The covered almost 3500 kms in 63 days. They used Hero Cycles. Their journey was from 12/8/88 from Kolkata and their cycling started from Gomukh on 19/8/88 and arrived at Gangasagar (Namkhana) on 6/10/88 at 17.30hrs. To the best of our knoweldge they were the first to do such venture.


Biswajit Bose

In the year 1988, myself and Biswendu (Ghosal) organised the "Expedition Sky to Ocean" under the banners of Calcutta Trekkers' Youth (Now Kolkata Trekkers Youth). Perhaps we were not very much rational in our plan — traversing nearly 4000 kms of distance with a shoe string budget and two bicycles sponsored by Cycle Corporation of India Limited. Only on the 11th of August, we finally had the possession of the cycles and even on 12th, the flag off day, we were hardly anywhere collecting an amount near to our budget. But despite all odds we were on board of 9 up Doon Express amidst wishes of so many who were there to see us off.

On the 14th we alighted at Hardwar and availed the first chance to start for Uttarkashi. After having a lunch at Tehri, suddenly there was a forced stop. At Bandarkot — as we came to know — a big landslide right on the road took away a bus alongwith 27 lives. Traffic was stopped for indefinite period. We managed two porters, had to have a climb down, traverssed some 4 odd kms to reach the bus track once again. Here from we managed a jeep which had a smooth sail until it was only 250m to Ultarkashi Bazar. Another landslide stopped our ride here and ferrying our loads we were at 'Gomukh Hotel' as the sun was setting. Here we were informed that more lives were taken away by several landslides throughout Garhwal during last couple of days. Moreover the road leading to Gangotri was reported delinked at not less than 4 points due to the same reason. Of course, we had good news also — we met Bachhan Singh, our guide.

After enjoying a lazy Independence day at Uttarkashi, on the 16th we were busy with our preparations. We had to hire a few gears, replace some and also purchased our ration. In the meantime the good news reached, that the joint efforts of RCC, PWD and Police people finally produced a result and the bus towards Gangotri would ply the next day. During the festive season it was really difficult to get porters at Garhwal and we had to face the problem. However, finally we managed to appoint Dhanbahadur and Kharagbahadur . We booked tickets for the bus, hired some equipment, had some shopping and went to bed.

On the 17th August the bus started at 6.30. Amidst continuous rain we had to walk pass the landslide zones, participated in repairing work at a fresh landslide at Gangnani, had a 40 mnts forced stop at Dharali and at long last hit Gangotri (3048m) at 5.30 p.m. The natural calamity invited another problem, thousands of pilgrims and tourists were stranded at Gangotri resulting into No-Vacancy boards at all Dharmsalas and Hotels. However, we managed someone's residence and hurriedly were on business. The worst business this day was to fit the cycle parts which took a presentable shape not before it was 3 a.m. After a short spell of rest we were on foot at 7 a.m. on the 18th. Bhujbas was our day's target.

Biswendu was not physically fit this day and amidst incessant rain we could reach Chirbas (3600 m) only before we called it a day. 19th was a comparatively clear day and despite a couple of minor accidents we reached Gaumukh (3892 m) at 2.10 p.m. The nature greeted us with its first clear sunshine in last few days. The heavenly kingdom of Gaumukh could have been photographed by Biswendu.This part of the effort was over and here began the expedition sky to ocean.

As we .started riding down we met a member of successful Kedardome expedition by Mountaineers Youth Ring. We conveyed congratulations and continued coming down. At 5.35 p.m. we were at Bhujbas. Kharagbahadur was unwell and I instructed Dhanbahadur to escort him to Gangotri via Chirbas. We spent a joyful evening at Lalbaba's place.

A clear sky accompanied us the next day. I suffered a hairline escape jumping to a boulder, but the bicycle suffered damage. It was nothing easy to get the bicycle and the luggage rescued with the aid of rope. At Chirbas we met the Travellers' Guild team who were heading for Kalindi Pass. Anjan presented me a pair of socks. We suffered two more injuries due to landslides until we were at Gangotri.

We spent the 2Ist in giving ourselves and the bicycles some medical and mechanical treatments respectively. Today I met my Mt. Kedardome comrade Gopal Singh. It's really nice to meet old comrades, particularly in alien. I mention with a great sorrow that this was my last meeting with Gopal who lost his life during this expedition only.

On the 22nd we had problems with our bicycles enroute and could reach Harsil only. On the 23rd as we carried our bicycles up the Sukhi uphill we met the members of Mountaineers Youth Ring. We spent this night at a tea stall at Bhatwari.

On the 24th we could start not before than 10 a.m. and reached Uttarkashi by afternoon. Surendra Dutt Bhatt, a journalist from Amar Ujala newspaper was here to take our interview. We sent our bicycles to workshop but were really disheart ened as we could not find Sri Ashim Kr. Ghosh Chowdhury, our club secretary here. Sri Ghosh Chowdhury was scheduled to come here with the all essential fund and we were at a loss. We didn't know at all that how to manage our days to come. 25th and 26th were spent in awaiting Ashimda and in resultant misexpenditure. We were anxiously watching the passengers alighting from the first bus from Hardwar on 27th. But Ashimda was nowhere there. Ashimda and his boys were out for an expedition at Ladakh Himalaya when we departed from Calcutta. At one hand the question cropped up in ourselves whether they were alright and at the other hand we were really anxious of the fate of our expedition. I look a hectic decision and started with all possible speed towards Hardwar. Might be at Chintamoni Ashram at Hardwar other club members were awaiting us as scheduled.

Speed took its toll. Biswendu lost control causing injury to himself and leaving the bicycle in serious condition. No option was left but to carry the cycle down to Dunda, a 3 km walk, fortunately we found a doctor here who not only treated Biswendu free of cost but was kind enough to allow us to take the tyre of his own bicycle. At 9 p.m. we were at Chinial - Shore and spent the night at a Hotel.

After nearly a sleepless night we had a 26 km uphill to reach Chamba at 10 p.m. on the 28th. On 29th we started downhill and crossed 15 km uphill of Agrakhal to reach Hardwar past midnight. By courtesy U.P. Police we spent the rest of the night at Police Station but hardly had a sleep. And on the 30th we were sure of our misfortune as none from Calcutta Trekkers1 Youth reached Chintamoni Ashram.

On 30-8-88 we started our nearly empty-pocket part of the journey and hit Roorkee. On 31-8-88 we were at riot-hit Khatauli. To avoid the repeatation I must mention here that during our part of the journey through U.P. and Bihar this riot caused our sailing more hazardous. We had to answer our status by caste and creed too often. Before allowing us a berth, the hotel managers were doing everything to know whether the Police knew our whereabouts. Devastating flood situation was another addition to our misfortune. We expected a numberof free of cost lodgings which were full of flood-hit people causing more taxation to our too poor pocket. Police was everywhere there and their contribution could have been equally divided into help and harassment. Even we had to reply whether West Bengal was still under British Rule as our papers were in English only. Someones had doubts whether we were Bangladesh citizens. We were passing through the unpleasant sound of crackers, firing and continuous rushing of police jeeps. At places innumerable, we had to stop and detail our identity to groups of people just because of their suspicion. Enforcement of Section 144 and Curfew act forced us stops. And all these resulted into causing anxieties instead of cheers throughout our expedition.

On the 1st night of September'88 we were at Hapur. We met Md. Yamin Ansari, Vice-President of Youth Congress, midway and his men escorted us to Hapur at 8-30 p.m. He sponsored us a lunch and moreover helped us financially. On 2nd September we were through the centre of the riot and were fortunate enough to reach Aligarh alive. At high night, the D.S.P. Police ordered us to stay there at the Police Barrack until the sec. 144 was lifted. I prepared a Rly. Microwave chart before leaving Calcutta and Aligarh was a station therein. On 3-9-88 we managed to reach the station escorted by a police jeep and could send a message to my office and club. A hope cropped up soon as Calcutta Station replied our message immidiately and we were advised to reach Benares by 13th as our club members would come there only and would wait for us upto 16th. At 6-35 pm. we could reach Secendrao. On 4th we could ride upto Kodauli.

We were getting weaker with a too poor ration. Flood and Riot had a double-edged toll on us. And with the aim always in mind to reach Benares by 13th we were hardly in a condition to enjoy the nature. The condition of the bicycles were becoming worse day by day but we had neither time nor money to allow them a necessary overhauling. On 6-9-88 we were at Chhibdamur and on the 7th at Billore. At Billore the kind hospitality of a School Master allowed us a complete meal after a long interval. On 7-9-88 we again managed a sponsored lunch by courtesy O.C., Kanpur P.S. and had a 157 km ride, the longest ever, to reach Malia at 11-40 p.m. On the 8th the bicycles had several problems and we could reach, no futher than Tedi after a 79 km ride. On 10th we reached Allahabad and had to stay there only the next day also as our pocket here reached finally empty. On 11th we had some desperate attempts to arrange for some donations and gave the bicycles a touch of repairing. Once again we sent messages to club and office. On 12-9-88 we were atl Gopiganj.

On the 13th was we reached Benares we started enquiring at Police Stations, Rly. Stations and at all possible points with good hope that someones must be awaiting us. In accordance with our message dated 3.9.88 we waited here upto 16th but all was in vain. We nearly begged to meet this unnecessary cost of staying 3 days in a city and finally with a broken heart left Benares to reach Laharpur at UP Border at 1 am. On 17th we crossed Karmanasha river to enter the state of Bihar, who greeted us with a day long rain. The night was spent at Dinaka.

On the next day the unpleasant route through the helpless flood-hit people took us to Patna to spent the night at Police Bungalow. On 19.9.88 we met our club member Sri Umesh Puri at Fatwa, who resided there. We had a good time with them, had some nice food, attended an interview with 'Hindustan'. On 20th we spent the night at a Police Station midway.

21st September was a cool day as we reached Jamalpur. Here Calcutta Trekkers' Youth had a unit but since it was already 10 at night we decided to spend the night at Police Station. And at last we had some good times. On the 22nd morning we were received by Manas and Gopal and they were with us until we left on 24th. Some donations were also arranged and we had an overhauling of our bicycles. But above all the homely feelings after such a long, tideous journey overwhelmed us absolutely. Even we had some sightseeing.

On the 24th we departed from Jamalpur and after a continuous ride reached Bhagalpur. One of the centres of freedom fight was a point of pilgrimage for us. We took shelter at the residence of Sumanta Bhowmick. On 25th we were enchanted enough to pass Bikramsila Mahavihar and spent the night at Lagai. The next day at about 11.30 a.m. we reached Sahebganj where we were interviewed by Hindi Daily "Naai Baat". We spent the night at the historic city of Rajmahal.

Under a cruel sun we rode through the 27th and had a lunch at Barharwa midway to reach Farakka at 7 p.m. The native land of West Bengal welcomed us and we bowed down. On the 28th we reached Jangipur and had a nice bath at Murshidabad on the 29th enroute. The DM, Murshidabad was generous enough to allow us to stay at circuit house. Heavy shower forced us a belated start the next day and we spent the last night of September '88 at Palassey.

Incessant rain accompanied us as we continued on the 1st October until we reached Krishnanagar at 12.30 p.m. and enjoyed the hospitality of the ADM. We sent messages to our club and office. To fight out all odds we were on a speed beyond schedule during the last month and now we were well ahead of time. We spent the National holiday of Gandhi birthday in a vacation mood at the homely warmth at the residence of Sri Manjul De Sarkar. Sri P.K. Mitra, a member of our club was also here. On the 3rd we were at Ranaghat by daylight but took no chance because of grave law and order situation. On the 4th we started from Ranaghat and after a continuous ride reached Birati to have a grand reception from Biswendu's family members. We continued still further to reach Sinthi crossing at Calcutta where mine family members were waiting. At 8.30 p.m. we were at club.

We called on at the Cycle Corpn. of India office on 5.10.88, had a cordial reception by Eastern Rly. Mens' Congress and reached Dakshin Barasat at 7.40 p.m. at the residence of Sri P.K. Mitra. On 6.10.88 we cared a least for the ever continuing rain, just invaded through a political blockade at Kakdwip and reached Namkhana to mark the successful completion of Sky to Ocean Expedition, 1988.

The rest of the story was of congratulations and recapitulations. At the one hand the pains of departing with the expedition with which we were involved by all means during last couple of months, on the other hand much awaited warmth of the home. No more anxiety and alas — no more thrill.

1988 Gangotri (Garhwal Himalaya,U.P.)
Gangasagar (West Bengal)
3,500 Km
Biswajit Bose
Biswendu Ghosal
2017 Kolkata-Dankuni-Siakhala
Manbazar-Balarampur-Mathaburu-Sonkupi Banjara Camp, Purulia
310 Km
Indranil Kumar (Leader),
Amita Das Chowdhury & Sudip Ghosh


Desert trek - A New Horizon

"Golden Dunes Are Bright But Barren So Does Earth Look While Lose Green Lifeline Water Is So Scarce Here We Preferred Desert Trek This Time To Visualise Nature Variation."

To make desert trek popular among adventure lovers our club has extensively trekked in the different regions of the Greater Thar Desert. We are probably one of the clubs who have done desert treks such extensively. We were also able to provide statistical support for maps and programmes to different organisation and individuals.

The contribution of Maloy Krishna Roy, Manjul Kr. Dey Sarkar and Ajay Kumar Singh are invaluable.

Quest for nature's lore, witnessing the places of historical events of the part knowing the un-known made men out of doors and walk around to quence the quest. It gave birth of pilgrimage when men were rather religious inbelief. But with the spread of education civilization, culture and liberal ideas about religion, trekking has taken the place of pilgrimage.

Trekking is conducted in all spheres of topography even 'Hang Gliding' through in the air is also a part of this activities.

Similarly, trekking in the desert is a favourite sports and adventure to the young and the old equally.

In world around we find 'Ejid' to trek in the desert of 'Karbala' on martial march, 'Marcopolo' to cross desert 'Gobi' on his way back to home from China and 'Humayun' to cross over the desert 'Thar' in 1540 for 'Parassya' (persia).

Time & tide rolled on but details of desert trekking are not available to us. After Independence of India desert remained unexplored. In September, 1967, a Desert Scout Group organised a desert training cum trekking camp at 'Devikund Sagar' near Bikaner, Rajashthan, India. After long 12 years, a 5 (five) members team of Delhi Mountaineering Association, New Delhi trekked over 'Thar desert' starting from Jaisalmer on 3.10.79. They traversed 190 km trek in 10 days and reached Gadra Road, Barmer District. 8 members of another organisation of Delhi subsequently organised a 'Camel Safari' in the Thar desert on 18.2.86 leaving no but details about its culmination.

Such enterprises, induced lovers of nature's lore in different cities in India to conduct exploration march in the Thar desert.

Kolkata Trekkere Youth is an young enterprise in the field of desert trekking conducted so many trekking programmes in the Thar desert since 1989 and here is an attempt to give a detailes information for the budding trekkers so far gathered about the Thar desert trekking :—

  • Thar desert stretches over 21,300 sq. km in Rajasthan, India.
  • A sand dunes required to be trekked on the way verries from 3 km to 15 km in length.
  • Prince Yubaraj 'Jaisal' errected the 'Jaisalmer Fort' in 1156.
  • Highest temperature varies from 40ºC to 55ºC during day time while lowest temperature varies records 8 ºC / 9 ºC. But it is felt severe in winter especially when wind blows.
  • Annual rain fall : 100 mm to 300 mm. (N.B. The average annual rainfall is 253 mm and varies from 150 mm in Sindh, to 250 mm in SW of Punjab and 275 mm in W, Rajasthan.
  • Humidity varies from 50º — 78º cellcious.
  • Walking on desert is troublesome for friction with grains of sand which invariably causes blister. Average time of 25 minutes is required for trekking one (1) km.
  • The ideal time for desert trek is in the 1st and 2nd week of Feb, before or after the start of the desert festival. All related official of the Rajasthan Govt. are present there which will make official work at bit easier.
  • Thar is the most densely populated hot desert in the world, its average population is 64 per sq. km. (54.5 in Rajasthan, India).

problems, hazzards & approx. risk

Prepatory Phase :—

  • 1. Clothes & Shoes.
  • 2. Carravan & Guides/Porters.
  • 3. Preventive & Useful medicines for trekking period.
  • 4. Permission for trekking.
  • 5. Pegs for tent pitching need improvisation for sand base.
  • 6. You will need permission from Supd. of Police, Jaisalmer thus it will make it easier if you make Jaisalmer your trekking gate.
  • 7. Before you arrange guides, camel cart or rider you must try to get people who live in or arround your trek route.
  • 8. Before leaving your State the team or individually must carry an photo ID along with a letter from your local Police Station or Headquarter. This will make getting permission from Jaisalmer easier.

On the way :—

  • 1. Sand dunes should be avoided.
  • 2. Sufficient water to be carried. *Refilling of water tanks must be ensured at ONGC points.
  • 3. Taking protection of Eye, Face & Body by sun-glasses, suitable dress / cover from dry balzing wind.
  • 4. Desert Snakes, Insects/Cactus & Vegetable thorns are dangerous.
  • 5. Barometer for reading the forecast of desert storm besides normal strong wind from 11 AM to 3 PM.
  • 6. Precaution against steep fall and rise in the temperature during night and day.
  • 7. Canvas shoes / chapples, improvised shoes and wollen / cotton socks are preferred.
  • 8. Precaution against mafia group.
  • 9. Sand dunes crevasse is to be negotiated safely.
  • 10. Shifting sand may pose a problem.
  • 11. Smuggler huts in border area to be avoided.
  • 12. One must be aware of the cost and religious system on the entire route.
  • 13. For night stay and accessing water from well/tanks one must take permission from the 'Village Mukhia.
1989 Bikaner to Jaisalmer Thar/Rajasthan Ajoy Kumar Singh (Leader), Nayan Kumar Kundu
& Manjul Kumar De Sarkar.
1990 Nachhna to Jaisalmer Thar/Rajasthan Manjul Kumar De Sarkar (Leader), Deb Prasad
Ghosh (Sr.), Prosun Sinha, Proloy Kr. Biswas,
Ajoy Kr. Singh, Kamal Kr. Guha
Km.Sampa Bose, Smt. Smiritikana Roy, Pranab
Kr. Mitra & Smt. Triptikana Dey.
1992 Jaisalmer to Gadra Road
(Border of Pakisthan)
(129 Km.)
Manjul Kumar De Sarkar (Leader), Pranab Kr.
Mitra, Moloy Krishna Roy, Ashim Kr. Ghosh
Chowdhury, Rupayan Chatterjee, Sabya Sachi
Bose, Subrata Banerjee, Manas Kr. Chakraborty,
Deb Prasad Ghosh (Sr.), Kamal Kumar Guha,
Sanjit Krumar Banerjee, Ashit Kumar Bose,
Km. Sampa Bose & Smt. Chitra Ghosh Chowdhury.
1994 Sam to Nand Thar/Rajasthan
(165 Km.)
Manjul Kumar De Sarkar (Leader), Moloy Krishna
Roy, Kamal Kumar Guha, Samarendra Nath Barua,
Sudhir Kr. Bandhopadhaya, Narayan Chandra Das, Anil Kr. Das,
Amarendra Nath Chakraborty, Asit Kr. Bose,
Smt. Dipti Rani Saha & Smt. Tripti
Kana Dey.
1996 Jaisalmer-Rupshi-
Thar/Rajasthan Moloy Krishna Roy (Leader), Samarendra Nath
Barua, Netai Paul, Salil Mullick & Robindra Nath Dey.
2000 Nachhna to Jaisalmer Thar/Rajasthan Moloy Krishna Roy (Leader), Achintya Kr.
Mondal, Soumen Karmakar & Srikanta
2007 Jaisalmer-Kuladra-Kanoi-
Uttar Chhattrel-Ramkunda-
(106 Km.)
Moloy Krishna Roy (Leader), Manoj Kr. Roy,
Pradip Ghosh, Rathin Basu, Debi Prasad Das,
Dipak Sardar, Subir Kr. Bose & Soumen Karmakar.
2018 Sam-Naklaya-Dabri
Thar / Rajasthan
(72 Km.)
Indranil Kumar (Leader), Pranab Kumar Mitra,
Ashis Kumar Halder, Dipak Sarder, Biswajit Paul,
Sharmilee Roy & Sudip Ray


2000 Amarkantak (M.P)
Jabbalpur (M.P)
Narmada (1st phase). Deba Prosad Ghosh (Jr.) (Leader), Gour Ratan
Saha, Rupayan Chatterjee, Subrata Basuli, Ashim
Kr. Ghosh Chowdhury, Deb Prasad Ghosh (Sr.) &
Suvendu Bhaduri.
2003 Dhabri kund via
Maheshwar etc. (M.P)
to Ujjayani (M.P)
Narmada (2nd Phase) Rupayan Chatterjee (Leader),
Ashim Kr. Ghosh Chowdhury &
Deb Prasad Ghosh (Sr.).
2019 Bharuch (Gujarat) to
Sardar Sarovar Dam Gujarat) via
Rundh-Kirnari Guha-Warkhar-
Kumbheswar-Statue of Unity etc.
Narmada (3rd Phase)145km. Indranil Kumar (Leader),
Manoj Kumar Roy, Amitava Aich,
Biswajit Paul, Bholanath Pal,
Pradip Kumar Paul & Sourish Sarkar


Such type of Summer Trek newly introduced by our organization since 2016. Every year we arranged rock climbing training course. After course trainees who are interested in high altitude trekking, this programme will help the budding mountaineer of the future. They will learn the ropes of adventure from experienced leaders.

Mulkharka Lake, Darjeeling
Dist., W.B. (7,300f/2,225m)
(NJP-Rangpo-Rehnok-Lingse-Samsing-Tagathan-Mulkharka-Pithamchin-Lingse Jethum-Rehnok-NJP)
Male : 15
Female : 6
Nilotpal Roy
Sandakphu Trek, Darjeeling Dist.,
W.B., (3636m/11,929f)
Male : 12 Barun Sen
Buxa Trek, Darjeeling Dist., W.B., (3636m/11,929f)
(Alipurduar Jn.-Buxa Duar-Chunavati-Lal Bungalow-Tasigaon-Rovers Point-Lepchakha-Katlung River- Dovana-Mahakal Guha-Jayanti-Alipurduar Jn.)
Male : 14
Female : 1
Samiran Chakrabarti